Gaming means big bucks

I’m not sure how many know this – or maybe they just haven’t thought about it – but the global game industry is big.. I mean B I G. According to Superdata, the industry generated over $90 billion in revenues last year.

Just let that sink in. 90. Billion. Dollars. That’s a lot.

Not surprisingly, mobile games took the lion’s share with approx. $40 billion (Pokémon Go, anyone?), followed by retail games with $26 billion and free-to-play online games with $19 billion.

PC gaming is doing well, by the way. Overall, $34 billion of revenue were generated in 2016.

There were a couple of interesting developments as well. eSports are trending, drawing in more spectators and getting more attention from publishers and advertisers, but this is still a relatively small part of the whole industry not even reaching $1 billion in revenue.

Virtual reality on the other hand didn’t have a great year. High price, no content,  delivery problems. Hopefully, things will change in the near future.

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