This year’s E3 in numbers

This year’s premier gaming event has ended, but people will probably keep talking about it for months to come. It was bigger than last year in every category that counts.

Attendance: 68400 (up 30% compared to 2016);

New games introduced: 126 (up from 93 in 2016);

New VR games introduced: 10 (up from 8 in 2016).

Microsoft dominated with the Xbox One, announcing 76 new games for the platform. That’s 60% of the total number of games announced! Sony claimed 69 new games for it’s PS4, followed by the PC with 66 new games.

The system wars seem to be coming to an end, indeed, with only one Xbox exclusive title, 2 PC exclusives and 17 PS exclusives.

In 2017, there are still more games that feature a male protagonist than a female one, with 29 titles and 8 titles, respectively. Things are improving though.